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Senior Database Administrator

FlowAccount Co., Ltd. - Senior-Level, Full time - บางรัก กรุงเทพมหานคร

FlowAccount.com is Thailand’s leading cloud accounting solution for small businesses. We are a SaaS (Software as a Service) company providing an easy to use online cloud business suite designed specifically for Thai small businesses. Our software helps small business owners with core accounting topped with nice and easy to use tools for invoicing, expense tracking with ocr, payroll. Our goal is to make software that helps Thai small businesses save time, improve productivity, and ultimately increase their probability of success. We’re a Thai startup with a young and passionate team.

FlowAccount.com is available on Web, iOS, Android, and OpenAPI platforms.

Our product team consists of passionate individuals who love to innovate new ideas and solutions which in-turn equates to always updating our technology stack. We are always at the forefront of discussing and optimizing technology,innovations so that we can give better values to our customers. We also encourage open-source contributions and write open-source tools ourselves within the company

Our main technology stacks are:

  • Angular 9
  • Node - Typescript
  • C#.NET, Swift, Kotlin, Java-Android
  • Serverless Technologies (AWS Lambda)
  • Mono-repository (nx.dev)
  • Kubernetes and AWS ECS
  • MongoDB, MsSQL, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, S3

We do give importance in creating a sharing culture to where knowledge is spread out into the team so everybody can pitch in ideas and innovate solutions. We dedicate half days in a week for this to happen.

Human skills we look for:

  • You are a confident communicator.
  • You are proactive about ideas and confident enough to speak up when you have an opinion.
  • You can participate in developing ideas and have a constructive dialogue with your colleagues
  • You strive to be an expert in your chosen field.
  • You love to be challenged, in and out of your day job.
  • You can understand, refine, and plan the tasks ahead.
  • You can contribute to motivating the team.
  • You understand how to stay focussed on delivering.
  • You are kind and enjoy teaching others.

Why is this good for you?

  • The opportunity to join a tech startup and have an impact on how quality products are built for the new world customers.
  • The challenge to take on responsibilities, build functionality in sprints, and launch code in-time to serve real users, and get direct feedback from them.
  • The opportunity to work with like-minded and dynamic teams.
  • The opportunity to develop on scalable infrastructure and varieties of technologies across different cloud platforms and programming languages.
  • Opportunity to deep-dive into a complex SASS platform with multiple applications and work on mono-repository work-flow like the way Google, Microsoft, and Facebook do.
  • Learn how to deliver to thousands of users in real-time without disrupting their usage.
  • Get direct feedback from the founding team. 

Our tech stack includes Elasticsearch, Kibana, ElastiCache/Redis, MongoDB Atlas, AWS S3, Kinesis, Typescript, .NET and Serverless.

Technical Skills for this role

  • Collaborate with the core team and CTO to create the database development plans required to implement system changes and enable the capabilities outlined in the business requirements
  • Ensure database services are up and running, perform root cause analysis and process reviews for any
  • Review all database error logs to mitigate/resolve all identified issues.
  • Communicate server issues and backup failures to the appropriate teams. Follow up to ensure that problems have been resolved.
  • Monitor space utilization for all databases. Archive space reports for future reference.
  • Identify areas of inefficiency needing improvements. Refine those areas through process change, automation or redesign
  • Review all security standards with the CTO and implement all required changes to the database environment, security rules
  • Review all database server builds for adherence to technical standards and industry best practices
  • Identification and implementation of all database performance tuning required to validate that all systems are performing to an optimal level
  • Create standard maintenance plans for backups, integrity checks, defrag or reorg strategies, and update statistics.
  • Coordinate with other teams and application owners for Disaster Recovery Testing.
  • Supporting application (MS Entity Framework) design by contributing expertise to development and operations teams.
  • Assist with schema design, code review, SQL query tuning
  • Work hands on with day to day tasks as well as more extensive projects such as upgrades and migrations


  • 10+ years of experience as database administrator/programmer
  • Expert-level knowledge of MySQL/MsSql/MongoDb databases, including performance monitoring and tuning
  • Expert-level knowledge of SQL language
  • Knowledge of NoSQL databases
  • AWS knowledge (RDS, Aurora DB, DynamoDB)
  • Good command of English language
  • Knowledge of MS Entity Framework will be a big plus
  • Exposure to Elasticsearch and Redis and its integration with databases will be a plus

Useful skills for this role.

  • You have used JIRA and understand what a good workflow looks like.
  • You are familiar with scrum and agile process methodologies
  • You are a planner and an executor 

Location: FlowAccount Co., Ltd.141/12 11th Floor Unit 12B Skulthai Surawong Tower Surawong Rd.Suriyawong, Bangrak, BangkokThailand 10500 

Submit Resume to: work@flowaccount.com 

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